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Squirt – Spray Bottle – Shine - 125ml

Squirt – Spray Bottle – Shine - 125ml

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Squirt stuff for dogs is designed with the right balance for a dog’s coat. All Squirt stuff is pH balanced and soap-free to be gentle on your dog’s skin. Packed with moisturisers, Squirt will keep their skin smooth and itch-free. Squirt can even be used with topical flea and tick treatments to ensure your dog stays flea-free.

And the best news is an end to a smelly dog in your home. All Squirt stuff for dogs is deliciously scented with only the most alluring combination of nature’s best. From Tea Tree to tropical fruits, Squirt will have your dog looking great and smelling even better!

Spritz of delicious coconut and vanilla to keep dogs smelling and feeling great between washes.

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