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Black Hawk

Black Hawk – Wet Food – Kitten – GRAIN FREE

Black Hawk – Wet Food – Kitten – GRAIN FREE

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Black Hawk - Wet Food for Kittens - Grain Free

Designed specifically for kittens up to 12 months, Black Hawk Grain Free Wet Food provides a high-quality, balanced diet crucial for proper growth and development during the early stages of life. This grain-free formula is ideal for kittens with grain sensitivities and ensures optimal nutrient absorption and digestive health.


  • Grain-Free Nutrition: Specially formulated for kittens with sensitivities to grains, aiding in easier digestion and better overall health.
  • Rich in Protein: Tailored protein levels from high-quality meat sources help support muscle growth and bodily development.
  • Formulated for Kittens: Provides all essential vitamins and minerals to promote healthy bone development, vision improvement, and cognitive growth.
  • Complete and Balanced: Meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for kittens.

Ingredients: Quality Australian Meat (Chicken, Beef, or Fish), Vitamins and Minerals, Natural Flavors, Amino Acids, Taurine, Natural Gums.

Feeding Guidelines: Feed according to the age, size, and activity level of your kitten. Adjust the amount fed to ensure your kitten maintains healthy growth and weight. Always ensure that fresh, clean water is available.

Storage: Store unopened cans in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate unused portions and use within three days.

Why Choose Black Hawk Grain Free Wet Food for Kittens? This wet food is an excellent choice for kitten owners looking for a grain-free option that doesn't compromise on nutritional value. It supports vital developmental needs, ensuring kittens grow up healthy and strong.

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