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Virbac – Evicto Flea & Worm for Dogs

Virbac – Evicto Flea & Worm for Dogs

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The new Selamectin alternative from Virbac, providing effective parasite protection

Evicto® offers trusted and effective flea and worm protection for puppies, kittens, dogs and cats. Evicto provides adulticidal, larvicidal and ovicidal flea protection, which can also help to control environmental flea infestations in areas where the pet has access. It also treats ear mites, biting lice, intestinal roundworms, and sarcoptic mange in dogs, intestinal hookworms in cats and can be used to prevent heartworm disease with monthly administration.

Trusted and effective flea and worm protection with selamectin
Licensed for use from 6 weeks of age making it an ideal choice for puppies & kittens
Easy to apply, quick-drying formulation

Reliable month-long protection

Supplied in transparent pipettes – provides reassurance that the entire dose has been applied

Pets can be bathed 2 hours after treatment without loss of efficacy – perfect for pets that swim or need
to be bathed regularly

Licensed for use in pregnant and lactating bitches/queens

Can be used concurrently with Milpro®

All remaining stock has an expiry date of July 2024.
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