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Andis – Clipper – UltraEdge Brushless – AGCB – Super 2-Speed – Burgundy

Andis – Clipper – UltraEdge Brushless – AGCB – Super 2-Speed – Burgundy

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Professional 2-speed clipper for cutting through all coat types
• Detachable blade for easy cleaning and inter changeability
• A higher maximum speed than the base model AGCB allows you to work efficiently through even the toughest coats
• A brushless motor that lasts 10-12 times longer than normal rotary motors and provides maximum power and torque for tough grooming jobs
• Comes with Andis #10 CeramicEdge Blade which runs 75% cooler than normal steel blades making them last longer.

The Andis AGCB Super 2-Speed clipper delivers you all the same features of the AGCB 2-Speed Base Model but can move at a higher speed overall. The same impressive brushless motor, the same Andis #10 CeramicEdge Blade
inclusion and the same 2-speed variability but this one runs at a higher speed. Giving you more power through tougher coats and a smoother coat finish.

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