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Aristopet – Stop Chew Spray

Aristopet – Stop Chew Spray

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Aristopet – Stop Chew Spray

If your pet has a habit of chewing on items they shouldn't, Aristopet Stop Chew Spray is here to help. This low-toxicity, bitter-tasting spray is designed to discourage unwanted chewing behaviors on furniture, household items, and even self-chewing. The extremely bitter taste serves as an immediate deterrent to most dogs and cats, promoting positive habits while keeping your home and your pets safe.

Key Benefits:

  • Discourages undesirable chewing and licking
  • Safe for your pet due to its low toxicity
  • Suitable for household items or self-chewing
  • Offers a safe alternative to protect your home

In rare cases where the taste doesn't deter your pet, Aristopet Animal Health Household Repellent can be used on surfaces (not directly on pets) for extra protection. Make your home a safe, chew-free environment with this efficient spray!

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