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Hikari – Cichlid Gold

Hikari – Cichlid Gold

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Colour enhancing diet for carnivorous Cichlids and large tropical fish. High grade carotenoids offer superior colouration. High quality natural proteins in an easily digestible form, offer improved growth through efficient nutrition utilization.

Cichlid Gold Baby – 57g 1.7-2.0mm
Cichlid Gold Baby – 250g 1.7-2.0mm
Cichlid Gold Mini – 57g 3.2-3.7mm
Cichlid Gold Mini – 250g 3.2-3.7mm
Cichlid Gold Medium – 57g 4.8-5.3mm
Cichlid Gold Medium – 250g 4.8-5.3mm
Cichlid Gold Large – 57g 7.2-8.2mm
Cichlid Gold Large – 250g 7.2-8.2mm

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