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JW – Gripsoft – Slicker Brush – Small

JW – Gripsoft – Slicker Brush – Small

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The JW Gripsoft Small Slicker Brush is perfect for removing dead and shedding hair from your pet's coat. Regular use of this brush not only helps to prevent matting but also enhances the natural luster of your pet's coat by distributing natural oils evenly.

Key Features:

  • Designed with a soft, non-slip rubber handle that ensures a comfortable and secure grip during grooming sessions.
  • The small size (25 x 12.7 cm) makes it ideal for use on smaller dogs or cats, allowing precise grooming around sensitive areas.
  • The fine wire bristles are gentle on your pet's skin but effective enough to remove loose hair and detangle without causing discomfort.
  • Regular brushing with this slicker brush helps to maintain a clean, healthy coat while reducing the amount of hair shed around your home.

Ideal for daily grooming, this slicker brush is a must-have tool for pet owners looking to keep their pet’s fur in top condition.

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