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Passwell – Canary Seed – Red Factor

Passwell – Canary Seed – Red Factor

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Passwell Red Factor Canary Seed is specially formulated for canaries to enhance and maintain the vibrant red color of their feathers. Infused with red Canthaxanthin, this premium seed mix ensures that the color-enhancing compound is efficiently absorbed by the birds, directly influencing the intensity of their feather pigmentation.

Key Features:

  • Red Canthaxanthin Infusion: Directly enhances the red coloration in feathers.
  • Optimal Absorption: The Canthaxanthin is absorbed into the kernel, ensuring effective uptake into the bird’s bloodstream.


  • Vibrant Feather Coloration: Helps maintain and enhance the red pigment during and after the moulting period.
  • Year-Round Use: Continuous feeding ensures sustained color vibrancy and health.
  • Dietary Balance: When used with other Passwell products, it supports a balanced diet, crucial for breeding and overall health.

Feeding Instructions:

  • During Moult: Use as the sole seed component to intensify feather coloration.
  • Maintenance: Integrate into the regular diet year-round for best results.
  • Supplementation: Consider combining with Passwell Egg & Biscuit, Passwell Multi-Vite, Liquid Gold, and The Good Oil for Birds to ensure a balanced intake of all essential nutrients.

Ideal For:

  • Canary breeders and enthusiasts seeking to enhance the red coloration of their birds.
  • Birds in preparation for shows or for breeders focusing on maintaining vibrant plumage year-round.

Passwell Red Factor Canary Seed is the definitive choice for maintaining the stunning natural red coloration in canaries, ensuring that your birds always look their best while supporting their overall health and dietary needs.

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