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Peckish – Meal Worms

Peckish – Meal Worms

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Peckish Meal Worms provide a high-quality source of protein that is ideal for a variety of pets, including reptiles, chickens, both caged and wild birds, and hamsters. These dried meal worms are an excellent supplement, enhancing the diets of your pets with essential nutrients.

Key Features:

  • High Protein Content: Supports healthy growth and development by providing a concentrated source of protein.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of pets, making them a flexible choice for multi-pet households.
  • Easy to Serve: Dried for convenience, these meal worms can be added directly to your pet's regular food or served in a separate dish.


  • Boosts Nutritional Intake: Enhances your pets’ diet with high levels of protein, which is essential for muscle and feather development.
  • Encourages Natural Foraging: Offers a natural way for pets to engage in foraging behavior, which is crucial for mental stimulation and stress reduction.
  • Convenient and Mess-Free: Dried meal worms are easy to store and serve, providing a hassle-free way to enrich your pets’ nutrition.

Feeding Instructions:

  • Place a suitable amount of dried meal worms in a clean feeding dish or mix with existing food.
  • Adjust quantity based on the size and dietary needs of your pet.

Ideal For:

  • Owners of reptiles, chickens, caged and wild birds, and hamsters looking for a convenient, high-protein feeding option that supports their pets’ health and wellbeing.

Peckish Meal Worms are the perfect choice for pet owners seeking to add a nutritious, protein-packed treat to their pets’ diets. These meal worms are not only tasty but also provide significant health benefits, ensuring your pets remain active and healthy.

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