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Blackmores: Paw – Conditioning & Grooming Spray

Blackmores: Paw – Conditioning & Grooming Spray

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Blackmores: Paw – Conditioning & Grooming Spray

Keep your dog’s coat looking and feeling its best with Blackmores Paw Conditioning & Grooming Spray. This alcohol-free formula offers a convenient and gentle solution for moisturizing, detangling, and refreshing your dog’s coat between washes. Developed in response to pet owner feedback, this spray includes a newly designed mini trigger for improved spray control and coverage.

Key Features:

  • Alcohol-Free Formula: Safe and gentle on your dog's skin and coat, providing hydration without the harshness of alcohol.
  • Mini Trigger Spray: Enhanced spray mechanism allows for better coverage and easier application, ensuring that all areas of the coat are reached.
  • Detangling and Conditioning: Contains gentle conditioning agents that smooth the coat, making it easy to comb through and free from tangles.
  • Moisturizing Ingredients: Rich in moisturizers to nourish both the coat and underlying skin, promoting overall skin health.
  • Natural Essential Oils: Infused with natural essential oils that leave your dog smelling clean and fresh.


  • Easy Grooming: Simplifies the grooming process by combining conditioning and detangling in one easy step.
  • Optimal Coverage: Quick Spray Control for even distribution throughout the coat.
  • Silky, Smooth Coat: Leaves the coat silky and smooth, enhancing its natural luster.

Usage Instructions:

Shake well before use. Spray directly onto your dog’s coat, avoiding the eyes and ears. Gently comb through to ensure even distribution and detangle. No need to rinse. Suitable for daily use or as needed to keep your dog's coat in pristine condition.

Ideal For:

  • Dogs requiring frequent coat maintenance between baths.
  • Pets with long hair prone to tangling and matting.
  • Owners looking for a quick and effective grooming solution.

The Paw Conditioning & Grooming Spray by Blackmores is the perfect addition to your pet care routine, providing a simple yet effective method to ensure your dog's coat remains beautiful and healthy.

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