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Blue Planet

Blue Planet – Algae Cure

Blue Planet – Algae Cure

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Blue Planet – Algae Cure

Keep your freshwater aquariums and bowls clean and clear with Blue Planet Algae Cure. This effective treatment is specially formulated to control algae growth, ensuring a healthier environment for your fish and plants.

Key Features:

  • Effective Algae Control: Specifically designed to combat and prevent the growth of algae in freshwater aquariums and bowls.
  • Safe for Fish and Plants: Carefully balanced to ensure it is safe for all inhabitants of your aquarium, including fish and live plants.
  • Easy to Use: Simple application process that integrates seamlessly into your regular aquarium maintenance routine.


  • Enhances Water Clarity: Helps maintain clear water, reducing the green appearance that can result from excessive algae growth.
  • Supports Plant Health: By controlling algae, your aquatic plants receive more light and fewer nutrients are consumed by unwanted algae.
  • Improves Aesthetic Appeal: Keeps your aquarium looking clean and beautiful, enhancing the viewing experience.

Ideal For:

  • Freshwater aquariums and bowls experiencing algae issues.
  • Aquarium enthusiasts looking for a reliable solution to manage algae without harming fish or plants.
  • Maintaining optimal conditions in both small and large tanks.

Note: Monitor water parameters during treatment and perform regular water changes to maintain a healthy balance in the aquarium. Avoid overfeeding and reduce light exposure if possible to help control algae growth naturally. If algae persist, consider examining other environmental factors such as nutrient levels and filtration efficiency. Always consult with a fish health specialist if unsure about the treatment or if the health of your aquatic life does not improve.

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