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Blue Planet

Blue Planet - White Spot Remedy

Blue Planet - White Spot Remedy

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Blue Planet - White Spot Remedy

Blue Planet White Spot Remedy is specifically designed to provide rapid treatment for white spot and other protozoan infections affecting freshwater and tropical freshwater aquarium fish. This effective solution helps control outbreaks and supports the health of your aquarium inhabitants.

Key Features:

  • Targeted Treatment: Formulated to combat white spot disease (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis) and other protozoan parasites.
  • Suitable for Freshwater and Tropical Tanks: Ideal for use in a variety of aquarium setups, ensuring broad application for fish hobbyists.
  • Fast-Acting Formula: Works quickly to halt the spread of infection and start the healing process for affected fish.


  • Prevents Disease Spread: Helps to rapidly reduce the number of parasites in the water, preventing the spread of infection to healthy fish.
  • Supports Fish Health: Aids in the recovery of infected fish, reducing stress and promoting healthier conditions within the tank.
  • Easy to Use: Clear instructions make it simple for both beginner and experienced fish keepers to use effectively.

Ideal For:

  • Aquariums experiencing outbreaks of white spot or protozoan infections.
  • Fish owners seeking a reliable treatment to quickly address and manage fish health issues.
  • Maintaining healthy conditions in freshwater and tropical freshwater aquariums.

Note: Always monitor water quality parameters during treatment and perform water changes as recommended to maintain a healthy environment for your fish. Consult with a fish health specialist or veterinarian if conditions do not improve or if the health of your fish worsens.

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