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Fido’s – White & Bright Shampoo

Fido’s – White & Bright Shampoo

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Fido’s White & Bright Shampoo is a pH balanced, soap-free shampoo formulated specifically for pets with white and light-colored coats. It enhances natural coat colors without the use of bleach, providing a brilliant shine.

Key Features:

  • pH Balanced: Gentle on the skin and suitable for regular use, maintaining the natural health of the pet's skin and coat.
  • Brightening Formula: Specially designed to add luster and enhance the natural brilliance of white and light-colored coats.
  • Citrus Enriched: Contains Orange and Grapefruit essential oils for a refreshing scent and additional shine.
  • Soap-Free: Cleans effectively without stripping natural oils, ensuring the coat remains soft and radiant.

Ideal for maintaining the pristine appearance of pets with lighter coats, this shampoo not only cleans but also leaves your pet smelling fresh and looking exceptionally vibrant.

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