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Greenies – Dental Dog Treats – Fresh

Greenies – Dental Dog Treats – Fresh

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Elevate your dog's dental health routine with GREENIES™ Fresh Dental Dog Treats. Infused with a delightful mint flavor, these treats are designed to not only freshen breath but also maintain clean teeth by combating plaque and tartar buildup.

Key Features of GREENIES™ Fresh Dental Treats:

  • Daily Dental Benefits: Each treat promotes cleaner teeth and fresher breath with its unique chewy texture.
  • Veterinarian Recommended: These dental treats are endorsed by veterinarians for effective at-home oral health care and have received the VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) seal of acceptance.
  • Natural Ingredients: Made from natural ingredients enriched with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, ensuring your dog enjoys a healthy, beneficial snack.
  • Digestibility: Crafted with highly soluble ingredients that are easy and safe for your dog to digest.

Feeding Guidelines:

  • Feed one GREENIES™ dental treat daily to help maintain oral hygiene.
  • Always supervise your dog to ensure the treat is adequately chewed; gulping any item can be harmful.
  • Adjust your dog’s main meal to compensate for the treat’s calories—reduce the meal by 56 kcal per treat.

GREENIES™ Fresh Dental Treats offer a simple, enjoyable way to keep your dog’s mouth clean and their breath fresh, contributing to their overall health and happiness.

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