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Hikari – Marine A

Hikari – Marine A

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Hikari Marine A is designed to cater to the natural dietary preferences of marine fish, offering a sponge-like texture similar to the foods these fish would consume in the wild. This scientifically crafted feed includes a nutrient mix that not only supports the overall health of your fish but also contains specific ingredients aimed at enhancing their vibrant colors.

Key Benefits:

  • Natural Texture: Mimics the consistency of coral and sponges that marine fish feed on naturally.
  • Color Enhancement: Contains color-enhancing ingredients to make the natural colors of your fish more vivid and striking.
  • Scientifically Formulated: Developed to ensure optimal health and nutrition for marine fish.

Ideal for marine aquarium enthusiasts who want to provide their fish with a diet that closely resembles what they would find in their natural habitat, while also enhancing their appearance with vibrant colors.

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