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Hikari – Staple Koi Pellet (Medium) – Floating

Hikari – Staple Koi Pellet (Medium) – Floating

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Hikari® Staple™ Koi Pellet (Medium) – Floating is a scientifically formulated daily diet ideal for feeding Koi and other pond fish during warmer water temperatures. This high-quality feed promotes rapid growth, proper form, and efficient nutrient utilization.

Key Features:

  • Floating Pellets: Ensures the food is easily accessible to your fish, minimizing waste and keeping your pond water clear.
  • Rich Nutritional Content: Includes stabilized vitamin C and other essential vitamins to bolster immune system health.
  • Quality and Consistency: While natural ingredients may vary in color between batches, each package maintains strict nutritional standards for the best fish care.

Perfect for all types of pond fish, this diet offers a complete and balanced nutritional profile, ensuring your fish not only grow well but also exhibit vibrant health and coloration.

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