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Hill’s – Science Diet – Adult Dog – Sensitive Stomach & Skin – Small Bites

Hill’s – Science Diet – Adult Dog – Sensitive Stomach & Skin – Small Bites

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Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Small Bites Adult Dog Food provides precisely balanced nutrition that is gentle on the stomach and beneficial for skin health, specifically designed in smaller kibble for easier consumption.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimal Digestive Health: Features prebiotic fiber to fuel beneficial gut bacteria and support a robust microbiome.
  • Skin and Coat Nourishment: Enriched with vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids to help promote a lustrous coat and healthy skin.
  • Highly Digestible: Made with high-quality, easy-to-digest ingredients to allow for optimal nutrient absorption and easier stool pick-up.

Additional Information: This dog food combines the best of Hill's scientific research into pet nutrition with natural ingredients to offer a meal that not only satisfies but also supports overall health. The small bites are perfect for dogs who prefer smaller kibble.

Recommended for:

  • Adult dogs that have sensitive stomachs or skin and require a gentler diet.

Not recommended for:

  • Puppies, pregnant or nursing dogs, as they have different nutritional needs. During these stages, dogs should be transitioned to Hill's Science Diet Puppy food variants, which provide tailored nutrients to support their development and reproductive health.
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