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Hill’s – Science Diet – Wet Food – Kitten

Hill’s – Science Diet – Wet Food – Kitten

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Your kitten will love the taste of Hill's Science Diet Kitten Chicken cat food tender chunks in gravy. This wet food has the perfect balance of taste and nutrition for your kitten. Precisely balanced to deliver the appropriate amount of energy to support ideal body weight in kittens <1 year. Supports immunity & healthy growth in kittens.

  • High-quality protein for building lean muscles
  • DHA from fish oil for healthy brain & eye development
  • Balanced minerals for strong bones and teeth
  • Easy to open, easy to feed single-serve cat food pouch

Additional info:

Our high-quality, purposeful ingredients ensure availability of key nutrients and proteins for your growing kitten

Recommended for:

Kittens, from weaning until 1 year old and pregnant or nursing cats.

Not recommended for:

Long-term feeding to adult cats, unless they have higher than normal energy requirements

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