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Hypro Premium – Protein Discs

Hypro Premium – Protein Discs

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Hypro Premium Protein Discs provide a simple yet delicious treat option for your dog, focusing on high-quality, single-source proteins. These treats are designed for ease and enjoyment:

  • Highly Palatable: Each disc is made from a single protein source, ensuring a rich and satisfying taste that dogs love.
  • Healthy Treat Option: The use of single protein sources not only helps in maintaining a healthy diet but also reduces the risk of allergies.
  • Easy to Handle: Their disc shape makes them easy for owners to grab and serve, and just as easy for dogs to chew.
  • Tasty: With no added artificial flavors or preservatives, these treats maintain their natural, meaty taste that appeals to all dogs.

Perfect for training or as a quick reward, Hypro Premium Protein Discs offer a nutritious, enjoyable snack for your pet, supporting their overall health and well-being with every bite.

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