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LifeWise BIOTIC – Adult Dog – Low Fat

LifeWise BIOTIC – Adult Dog – Low Fat

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LifeWise BIOTIC Low Fat is expertly formulated for dogs in need of a low-fat diet. This food utilizes high-quality Turkey protein and a specific blend of nutrients that help reduce inflammatory responses, ideal for dogs suffering from or recovering from conditions like gastric distress, high blood fat disorders, or pancreatitis. The unique blend fosters the growth of a diverse gut microbiome, crucial for reducing inflammatory disorders.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports Gut Health: Aids in rebuilding microbial populations to enhance gut health.
  • Nutritional Support: Provides essential nutrients to aid dogs with inflammatory distress disorders.
  • Low Fat Formula: Suitable for conditions demanding reduced fat intake.

Nutritional Information: Energy Density: 14.4MJ/kg (343 kcal/100g) Free from GMOs, dairy, wheat, corn, soy, and sugar.

Ingredients: Turkey, oat groats, barley, sweet lupins, field peas, alfalfa, poultry oil (stabilised with vitamin E and rosemary oil), carrot, spinach, sweet potato, parsley, kelp, yeast cell wall extract, essential vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D3, E, K, niacin, pantothenate, folic acid, biotin) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, sodium, copper, zinc, iron, manganese, iodine). Includes natural flavours and Yucca schidigera extract.

Usage Instructions: Transition to this diet should be gradual. Consult your veterinary advisor for further guidance on using this product for your dog’s specific health needs.

This formula is specifically developed to align with the science of nutrigenomics, ensuring a scientifically backed approach to your dog's dietary needs. Manufactured and tested under strict ISO 17025 standards to guarantee quality and safety.

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