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Living World

Living World – Nibbler – Small Animal – Corn on Stick – Large

Living World – Nibbler – Small Animal – Corn on Stick – Large

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Living World Nibblers offers the Corn on Stick Wood Chew, a colorful and enticing chew toy crafted for small animals. This large-sized, corn-shaped chew is made from durable wood, designed to withstand your pet's natural urge to gnaw.

Key Features:

  • Fun and Functional Design: Shaped like a corn cob to attract and engage pets, promoting natural chewing behavior which is vital for your pet's dental health.
  • Easy to Install: Comes with a chrome-plated rod that easily attaches to the cage, providing a sturdy and accessible setup for your pet’s play.
  • Safe for Pets: Constructed from materials safe for small animals, ensuring their health and safety while they chew.


  • Enhances Dental Health: Helps to maintain healthy teeth, preventing overgrowth and related health issues.
  • Alleviates Boredom: Provides your pet with prolonged activity and fun, reducing boredom and potential destructive behavior.
  • Stimulates Natural Behaviors: Encourages foraging and gnawing activities, crucial for your pet’s mental and physical well-being.

Installation: Simply secure the chrome-plated rod to the cage bars, ensuring it is firm and easily accessible to your pet.

Ideal for various small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other rodents, the Living World Nibbler Corn on Stick is an excellent addition to any small animal habitat, offering both entertainment and a practical chew aid.

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