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Natures Harvest

Natures Harvest – Finch Blend

Natures Harvest – Finch Blend

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Natures Harvest Finch Blend is a premium seed mixture formulated specifically for finches. This blend is made up of White French Millet, Jap Millet, Canary Seed, Red Panicum, Panicum, and Panorama Millet, providing a rich and varied diet essential for the health and vitality of finches.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Seed Mix: A carefully selected combination of seeds that cater to the nutritional needs of finches.
  • Nutritionally Rich: Supports overall health, energy levels, and vitality.
  • Ideal for Daily Feeding: Perfect for everyday use to maintain optimal health.


  • Supports Feather Health: Essential oils from seeds help maintain lustrous and healthy feathers.
  • Promotes Digestive Health: A variety of seeds ensure smooth digestion, catering to the delicate digestive system of finches.
  • Energy Boosting: Provides the necessary energy for these active birds.

Ideal For:

  • All breeds and ages of finches.
  • Finch owners looking for a high-quality, balanced diet for their pets.
  • Ensuring a comprehensive and enriching dietary intake.

Choose Natures Harvest Finch Blend for a top-quality, nutritious seed mix that will keep your finches healthy, energetic, and thriving.

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