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Passwell – Egg & Biscuit

Passwell – Egg & Biscuit

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Passwell Egg & Biscuit offers a scientifically formulated diet that is essential during the breeding and conditioning stages for birds like canaries, finches, parrots, and pigeons. This complete and balanced diet provides a superior alternative to traditional feeding regimens.

Key Features:

  • Complete and Balanced: Includes essential omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that surpass the nutritional value of homemade or other commercial diets.
  • Rich in High-Quality Proteins: Contains whole egg and premium proteins, ensuring that every bit is packed with nutritional value and nothing goes to waste.


  • Enhanced Chick Development: Improves egg quality and supports healthier chick growth.
  • Health Optimization: Formulated to bolster overall health with increased levels of essential nutrients, tailored for breeding birds.
  • Versatile Feeding Options: Can be fed as a moist crumble or mixed with soaked seed/vegetables, adapting to your bird's preferences.

Feeding Instructions:

  • Moist Crumble: Mix 20g (about 2 level tablespoons) of Passwell Egg & Biscuit with 10ml (1 tablespoon) of warm water to form a moist, crumbly mix.
  • With Seeds/Vegetables: Ideal when combined with soaked seeds or fresh vegetables for added variety.

Ideal For:

  • Breeding and conditioning canaries, finches, parrots, and pigeons, providing a diet that supports reproductive health and conditioning.

With Passwell Egg & Biscuit, ensure your birds receive a diet that not only meets but exceeds their nutritional needs, contributing to a healthier and more vibrant avian life.

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