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Snooza – Calming Cuddler – Bliss

Snooza – Calming Cuddler – Bliss

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The Snooza Cuddler in luxurious Bliss Pink is the perfect bed to calm and relax your pet. Super soft long pile faux fur paired with soft raised walls and a deep sleeping area provide the ultimate retreat for anxious pets and those that relish the feeling of safety and security. The Bliss Cuddler invites hours of relaxing, blissful snoozing and is fully machine washable (even the filling!).

Key Features:

  • Luxurious Faux Fur: Super soft long pile faux fur for ultimate comfort.
  • Raised Walls: Soft raised walls provide a sense of security and comfort for anxious pets.
  • Deep Sleeping Area: Offers a deep and cozy sleeping area for restful sleep.
  • Machine Washable: Fully machine washable, including the filling, for easy maintenance.
  • Removable and Replaceable Covers: Features removable, replaceable, and washable covers on both the outer ring and cushion.
  • Snoozafill Filling: Filled with Snoozafill, an Australian foam and recycled PET fiber mix, with zippered access to the inner liners for easy filling top-up if needed.


  1. Small (S):

    • Diameter of Sleeping Area: 30 cm
    • Diameter of Outside Edge: 50 cm
  2. Medium (M):

    • Diameter of Sleeping Area: 45 cm
    • Diameter of Outside Edge: 70 cm
  3. Large (L):

    • Diameter of Sleeping Area: 60 cm
    • Diameter of Outside Edge: 90 cm
  4. Extra Large (XL):

    • Diameter of Sleeping Area: 70 cm
    • Diameter of Outside Edge: 110 cm


  • Polyester Covers: Durable and comfortable polyester fabric.
  • Snoozafill Filling: A special blend of recycled PET fiber (made from plastic drinking bottles) and premium Australian-made foam, specifically designed for pets.

Additional Notes:

  • Shade Variations: Due to the nature of the two-stage dyeing process, some shade/colour variations and markings may occur.
  • Eco-Friendly: Snoozafill is perfect for pets and friendly to the planet, reducing landfill by using recycled materials.


  • Calming Effect: Ideal for anxious pets, providing a comforting and secure environment.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Soft faux fur and deep sleeping area ensure hours of comfortable rest.
  • Easy Maintenance: Fully machine washable with removable covers for convenience.
  • Eco-Friendly Filling: Made with Snoozafill, combining Australian foam and recycled PET fiber.

Provide your pet with the ultimate in luxury and comfort with the Snooza Calming Cuddler – Bliss. Perfect for creating a calming and secure environment, this bed is designed to keep your pet comfortable and relaxed.

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