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Snooza – Doo Doo Bag Dispenser

Snooza – Doo Doo Bag Dispenser

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The Doo Doo Good Eco Bag Dispenser is designed to wrap securely around your lead, ensuring your waste bags are always at hand for every walk. Featuring an easy-action system, you can pull out waste bags one at a time, quickly and easily. These dispensers are planet-friendly, as they help reduce waste by re-using fabric from Snooza bed off-cuts.

Key Features:

  • Convenient Design: Wraps securely around your lead for easy access to waste bags.
  • Easy-Action System: Allows you to pull out waste bags one at a time, quickly and easily.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from fabric re-used from Snooza bed off-cuts, helping to reduce waste.
  • Charity Support: With every purchase, 50% of the profit is donated to Animal Assistance charities.


  • Planet-Friendly: Helps reduce waste by re-using materials.
  • People-Friendly: Supports Animal Assistance charities, aiding those with PTSD, Autism, Diabetes, Anxiety, and more.
  • Convenience on Walks: Ensures you always have waste bags on hand, making walks stress-free.

Support a good cause while keeping your walks convenient and eco-friendly with the Snooza Doo Doo Bag Dispenser. Perfect for conscientious pet owners who care about the planet and their community.

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