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Snooza – Plant Based Extra Sour Stop Chew Spray

Snooza – Plant Based Extra Sour Stop Chew Spray

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Gentle on your pet, and our planet

Puppy teething training is easy with helpful tools like this.
A surface spray that safely repels your puppy away from things that are not to chew.
Derived from plant based ingredients, specifically blended to displease your dog.
Assist house training by spraying on shoes, wood, furniture anything that you do not want your dog to get their teeth into. Even on outdoor mats, watering systems pipes, hoses.
Use in combination with a managed training program.
Praise and reward your dog when leaves items not be chewed.
Repeat spray and rewards over 7-14 days.


1. Remove dog from area before applying.
Do not spray on animal
2. Shake bottle & spray area you want your dog to stop chewing.
3. Allow area to dry before dog returns.
4. Reward & praise your dog when it avoids chewing in that area.
5. Repeat spray on the same spots daily for up to 14 days.Store in cool dark place.IngredientsPowerful botanical ingredients

Made in Australia. Bottle made from 100% Recycled Plastic

Please remove trigger before placing bottle in recycle.
Bottle is fully recyclable. Trigger can be re-used.

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