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Snooza – SupaDry Microfibre Noodle Mat – Zinc

Snooza – SupaDry Microfibre Noodle Mat – Zinc

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The Supa Dry Mat soaks up water to keep wet pawprints off your floor! The perfect addition to your grooming routine, the two-tone high pile super soft microfibre noodles soak up to 8X their weight in water and will hold more water than any ordinary towel! Perfect to have at the door to wipe wet, muddy paws before they run through the house, to use at bathtime or keep one in the back of the car.

Dense pile to maximize contact points and drying
Strong non-slip rubber backing keeps mat in place
Dries quicker than cotton
Super absorbent, holds up to 8X its own weight in water
Perfect for front and back door, car and bathroom
Fully machine washable

One size – 900m x 600mm

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