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The Pet Project

The Pet Project – Natural Treats – Chicken Neck

The Pet Project – Natural Treats – Chicken Neck

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Your dog, like you, isn’t made to eat chemical additives. Our Natural Treats are as simple and pure as it gets – the genuinely healthy treat your pet deserves.

Our 100% dehydrated Chicken Necks are high in vitamins like zinc and calcium. The soft cartilage makes a delicious and crunchy treat for any dog.

The Benefits of Our Chicken Neck:

  • Full of Flavour: Highly palatable delicious treat that all dogs love.
  • Dental Health: Encourages chewing which is great for teeth and gums.
  • Soft Cartilage: Makes a well-earned crunchy treat.
  • 100% Natural Ingredient: Made from premium grade Aussie chicken and nothing else.

100% AUSTRALIAN: No imported ingredients, made right here in Australia. From Queensland to Victoria and South Australia, your pup's treats support local farmers, manufacturers, and create local jobs.

Simply the Highest Quality Grade of Treats: Made with human-grade ingredients, all of our treats are of premium quality so they’ll know they’re getting only the best possible treats.

Single Ingredient & Hypoallergenic: Our range of single ingredient treats is great for pups with sensitive stomachs. You’ll have confidence that our treats contain only the ingredient on the label and nothing else – no additives, no fillers, and no other nasties.

Great for Dental Health: Our single ingredient treats promote dental health through chewing. We have a range of treats specifically selected to help promote healthy teeth and fresh breath.

Human Grade Ingredients: 100% Australian Chicken Necks – nothing else!

Your pets will love ’em!

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