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Vetafarm – Rabbit Origins

Vetafarm – Rabbit Origins

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Vetafarm Rabbit Origins is a highly regarded product designed to provide rabbits with a complete and balanced diet. This nutritionally rich formula is crafted with locally sourced fresh ingredients to ensure the best health for your rabbits.

Key Features:

  • Locally Sourced Ingredients: Includes fresh fescue hay grown on Vetafarm’s own farm, ensuring high-quality nutrition.
  • Balanced Vitamins and Minerals: Specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of rabbits, promoting optimal growth and development.
  • Chicory Root: Added to encourage a healthy gut balance and support digestive health.
  • Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio: Carefully balanced to assist in the prevention of long-term diseases such as Metabolic Bone Disease.


  • Optimal Growth and Development: The balanced formula ensures that rabbits receive all essential nutrients for healthy growth.
  • Preventative Health: Designed to help prevent long-term diseases, promoting overall well-being.
  • Digestive Support: Chicory root helps maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • High-Quality Nutrition: Locally sourced ingredients provide fresh and reliable nutrition.


  • Fresh fescue hay
  • Balanced vitamins and minerals
  • Chicory root

Provide your rabbits with the nutrition they deserve with Vetafarm Rabbit Origins. This comprehensive diet supports optimal health, growth, and development, making it an excellent choice for rabbit owners who want the best for their pets.

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