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Vetafarm – South American Mix

Vetafarm – South American Mix

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Vetafarm South American Mix is a premium blend formulated to meet the unique nutritional requirements of South American birds, including conures, quakers, macaws, and amazons. This mix is designed to support their overall health, growth, breeding, brain function, and feather development.

Key Features:

  • Tailored Nutrition: Specifically formulated to meet the dietary needs of South American birds.
  • Fresh Australian Ingredients: Contains high-quality, locally grown ingredients.
  • Balanced Nutrients: Includes essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals for optimal health.


  • Optimal Growth and Development: The balanced nutrients support healthy growth and development.
  • Feather Health: Promotes optimum feather development for vibrant and healthy plumage.
  • Cognitive Support: Contains nutrients that support brain function, essential for active and intelligent birds.
  • Breeding Support: Formulated to support breeding birds, ensuring they receive the nutrition needed for reproduction.


  • Fresh Australian grown almonds
  • Balanced amino acids
  • Essential vitamins and minerals

Provide your South American birds with the specialized nutrition they need to thrive with Vetafarm South American Mix. This blend ensures they receive the best possible diet for a healthy, active, and vibrant life.

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