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ZamiPet – High Strength Probiotics+

ZamiPet – High Strength Probiotics+

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A healthy digestive system (or gut) is key to your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. In fact, the gut comprises 70 per cent of the body’s immune cells. And just as stress can make us feel sick to the stomach, stress and anxiety can impact your pet’s gut health, too. But perhaps lesser known is that research now suggests that gut health can likewise influence brain function. Put another way, poor gut health may have a negative effect on your pet’s mental health.

Microorganisms (including bacteria, viruses, and yeasts) are present in huge numbers in the digestive tract of animals. This collection of microorganisms within the gut environment is known as the gut microbiome. To ensure efficient and effective digestion and absorption of food, the gut microbiome needs to operate in a balanced environment to provide the necessary nutrients to support a healthy immune system.

There is a physiological relationship between the gut and the central nervous system referred to as the gut-brain axis. This means the gut’s microbiome may have a direct effect on the nervous system and that a more balanced microbiome can impact your pet’s mood, anxiety levels and response to stress.

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